Mold design

A successful plastic mold come from successful mold design, if first step have not go to the right direction then no matter what you do after you build the plastic mould, still poor mold.

Before mold design started we will make DFM report to show customer and get approved from customer, all of tool drawing design we will follow customer standards,

General steps below .

DFM report first to discuss the potential issue.

review the part design for good demolding and easy molding, give some suggestions when have issue to insure the part design is optimize

Start  2D  Tool design according to approved DFM report, sent 2D tool drawing to customer and pointed some open issue out to have customer for double checking to insure tool drawing design is optimize.

Start  3D  Tool design after 2D approved from customer.

Do Mold Flow Analysis with whole 3D tool drawing after approved from customer, to find optimize for gate area, cooling status, air venting issue, warpage etc. maybe do small changes according to mold flow suggestion for gating or cooling etc.