Why us

Our Advantages

  • To make your molds fast and save time we have sufficient machines for making plastic mold, 20 sets of EDM machines, two of them with two heads, more than 15 sets of CNC machines, This will never put your molds at side for rest no matter how busy we are, you may think they still lots of companies are as stronger us, true but the price they are much higher than us because some of the advantages they do not have.
  • To reduce mold manufacturing cost and keep high quality our owner owns mold base company today, the price will be rduced since  mold base will be done by ourselves. This is not only to reduce mold manufacturing cost but also move time fast than others.
  • One of our project manager here was working in foreign-funded company for five year which also make plastic molds. The thinking skills will much close to customer from American or Europe.

General working procedures, not only doing this but also following any of your special required. 

Tool drawing

  • Before tool drawing started will send DFM report show customer the general tool structure, including parting line, draft angle, cooling line layout, potential issue etc.
  • Make mold flow to find the best gate  position for part, after tool drawing finished will make real mold flow analysis report, including sink mark, shrinkage, hot spot, cooling status, estimated cycle time, warpage issue everything, this will be referenced in design and mold trail.
  • Whole 3D tool drawing design by using UG software, this will save 2 or 3 days and optimize tool drawing.
  • Check tool drawing with check list and customer specifications one by one to insure anything is good.
  • Project manager will also check tool drawing with check list before sending out tool  drawing to customer, by several check steps this will minimize the issue in tool drawing.

During mold production-after tool drawing approved

  • Every steel come back from outsourcing will be checked one by one, if problem found need to contact with related people until problem solved, this will reduce mistake and time for mold production.
  • After each EDM job have been done, will move the inserts to checking department to check if we miss any electrode, this will avoid when you test tool finding out some feature missing.
  • Record every issue and report to customer with solutions.
  • All of mold fitting have done then we check the following things.
  1. Cooling system,
  2. Check fitting status of mold with painting.
  3. Check corrosion protection outside of mold
  4. Check if ejector pins are working smoothly

Mold trial procedures:

  • Set up everything according to property of plastic first, melt temperature, mold temperature, clamping force (this can refer the mold flow and customers machine data) etc.
  • Set injection speed step by step, make filling status from shot to 97% full to check filling balance status(holding pressure is 0).
  • Use high injection speed to check venting issue, check tool if runs automatically, increase holding pressure step by step until have good samples, record part weight, runner weight.
  • Check if have wide of injection processing window to see if easy to mold parts, record mold trial parameter.
  • Record part issue, mold issue, take trial video etc.

After plastic mold trial (during mold adjustment).

  • Send customer part issue, mold issue report, mold trial video, samples, measurement report, mold trial parameter.
  • Provide solution for mold and part issue and get approved from customer to solve issues until issue complete solved.

Mold approved by customer

  • Do final mold trial and running  mold 3 hours with or without plastic to verify the mold function, after 3 hours  running and dissembling mold to check every details, if have tight spot, any potential burn mark in the mold, check the mold one by one with checking list, if customer has this list we will follow customers list, otherwise use our checking list.
  • Spray rusty resistant grease, painting outside the mold with green paint after clearing up the mold and packing with film, and then put into treated wood box and ship out mold by sea of air.

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