Plastic mold

We offer high-quality plastic mold maker with a competitive price

Are you looking for a dependable plastic mold and molding company from China that provides innovative solutions for business-related molds? We are a pioneer in providing solutions in the plastic molds industry, and we make injection molds that range in automotive mold, home appliances molds etc.

We have been in this industry for several years and have received a number of high-efficiency rating dues to our systematic planning, research, and the investments that were made to address the time and cost of producing injection molds. All of our hard work has paid off, and we have been able to add many reputable international businesses to our client list. The relationships that we have built with these companies have been instrumental in us becoming leaders in this industry; our customers win the excellent quality, price and services.

The biggest reasons that we have been able to build this impressive client list is because of our highly skilled employees and the high mold technologies that we use when we make our molds. This type of technologies have been used with a great degree of success and have been instrumental in the standardization of the injection mold industry.

We provided our customer competitive price, good quality and service; this is not only saving cost for our customer but also let our customer becoming more competitive than their competitors and easy to win more projects.this is all of the purpose that we aim for together with our customer.

We are expert in Custom molds/molding, home appliance mold, electronic parts, digital molds, 2K molds/molding, over molds/molding

We have a great experience in making plastic mold since we opened our mold manufacturer 15 years ago. When it comes to home appliances Molds and our expertise alone has put us way ahead of our competitors, since 2005 we started to make automobile molds, with more 10 years experiences with our excellent procedures  and rich experiences, we become expert in this field, of course we made several other molds which we cannot show by this short explaining. Check our website you will see there are some moldings , we are welcome if you can drop your steps here to take a look at our factory.