Plastic Injection Mould & Injection molding China manufacturing Company

We are a professional plastic injection mould and injection molding china company that services in plastic mold and injection molding manufacturing, is one of  China mold manufacturer, established in 2015, Hao Yuan Xing Mold has grown to a full-service Plastic Injection Mould and injection moulding products in China. As a professional China plastic mold manufacturer, Providing services to a wide variety of industries including Aerospace, Appliance, Electronic, Marine, Office Furniture, Sporting Goods, Vending & Bill Changing Industries.

Dongguan Olayer Technology (Was Hao Yuan Xing Mold & Mfg). Has 2 factories located in China, one in Huangyan City and one in Dong Guan City, 18,000 sqm. manufacturing facility incorporates plastic mold Production and plastic injection molding service, Quality Assurance, Shipping & Warehousing,

Our facilities are interconnected with a high-speed net, we introduced medium-advanced mould process equipment and computer CAD/CAM/CAE system, CNC machining center, measurement senter, electric impulse and liner cutting equipment. There are experienced CAD technicians serving in the company. The molds are export to America, Canada, Sweden and other European and American countries and regions.

We set up an oversea market in 2005. And the sales team has enabled us to expand our capacity and spur innovations in our plastic moulding dies and china plastic parts product lines.

For us, quality, delivery time, reasonable price and precision are most important !!!

We sincerest invite you to visit our factory in spot and test us out and see why we are your best suitable partner, by ordering some injection molds and plastic products.

At Olayer, we are redefining the standards for the specification, design, manufacture of precision injection molds and injection molded plastic parts. We continuously strive to reduce lead times, improve performance and help our customers reduce the total cost of product development.

From the computer-aided design and manufacturing technologies we use to our high-quality finishing techniques, Olayer delivers the best value in high-quality custom injection molds and custom plastic injection molding.

In 1999, Olayer Mold started building plastic injection mold and doing molding injection for the plastic industry.  In 2005 Olayer Mold moved from a small building into their newly constructed 6,000 sqm facility in Dongguan, China and 2009 started new plastic mold company in HuanYan, Zhejiang of China.

Over the years Olayer Mold has become top 10 plastic mold manufacturer china company.

In 2007, Olayer Mold expanded the business model by purchasing several large machines dedicated to the manufacturing molds.  This expansion of our business gives us the ore capacity to make more plastic molds for customer’s needs.

If you need any high-quality plastic injection mold and plastic injection molding service from an Injection molding China Company for your products development? Need fast delivery, competitive price, we will be one of your best partners to help your business more successful. Send us your requirement, we will quote you in two business days.