Mold flow

Mold  flow analysis for all of our molds after tool drawing complete finished, because this is every there in software for analysis, of course if have some issue, like venting issue, air trap issue, unbalance filling etc, then we need do some small adjustment in tool drawing to optimize tool drawing, and send customer the latest version

We are using MOLDFLOW software with copyright

Mold flow general information

1. Material information, process conditions including mold temperature, melt temperature, injection time, MFR

2. Gate balance and size analysis.

3. Cooling status analysis.

4. Filling time and injection pressure, share rate, shrinkage and clamping force analysis,

5. Venting issue analysis, hot spot, warpage analysis.

See below a part of mold flow report

mold flow-00

mold flow-01 mold flow-02 mold flow-03 mold flow-04 mold flow-05 mold flow-06 mold flow-07 mold flow-08 mold flow-09