Blow Moulding Products

What are Blow Moulding Products?

Blow moulding products are items produced by a very particular process called blow moulding. They are hollow with thin walls like bottles for shampoo, water, milk, oil, liquid soap and large containers such as tubs, drums and storage tanks.

What is Blow Molding?

Blow moulding is an industrial method of creating hollow plastic parts and using them to create other objects. A thermoplastic in the form of grains or small pellets is heated and moulded into a plastic tube. This hollow tube, called the parison, is then secured between two mould halves and filled with pressurised air until the parison conforms to the mould cavity’s inner shape. After the parison has cooled, the mould halves are taken apart, and the parison is removed. The parison has then become the object that was intended to be made.

Blow molded parts are created using numerous thermoplastic materials like.

• Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)
• High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
• Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)
• Polypropylene (PP)
• Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

There are three main methods of blow moulding.

Extrusion blow moulding (EBM): The parison is formed by an extruder using a rotating screw to push the heated plastic into a die head and creates the parison by surrounding a blow pin with the molten plastic. Then, the parison is extruded vertically and secured within the two mould halves, allowing the mould halves to surround the parison and blow pin. Pressurised air is forced through the blow pin into the parison until it takes the shape of the mould.

Injection blow moulding (IBM): The molten plastic is formed around a core rod or metal shaft, which is then moved to the blow moulding station and securely fixed in the mould. The core opens up, and pressurised air is passed through the core to fill out the parison. It is not a frequently used process due to its inability to produce many objects quickly, but it is capable of creating complex shapes better than any other process.

Stretch blow moulding: the parison is formed similarly to injection blow manner but, when rotated to the mould, the parison is heated and pushed down via the core pin before inflation. This process makes the plastic stronger, so stretch blow moulding is used to create objects that must be durable or undergo pressure.

How to buy Blow Molding Parts

Blow molding parts do a lot more than provide great value; they are customizable, striking, and durable. There are a few basic things to know about buying blow moulding parts.

1. Blow molding parts can be found in practically every part of 21st-century life from sporting goods to medical equipment. You should acquaint yourself with what is out there in blow moulding before starting a project.
2. Ordering a bigger mould can prove cost effective. Even though the costs of a larger mould with more cavities will look more expensive up front, the resulting unit price is lower when larger moulds are included in large batch sizes.
3. Shipping costs are only part of your delivery cost. Freight costs are only part of the picture. Some suppliers will have hidden costs that many fail to account for. A blow moulding products manufacturer with its own distribution facility is great to save time and money. Using your team to assemble, pack, store, and deliver finished molding products in-house will also save time and money.
4. Choosing the right colour is important for what you need to create. Your chosen colours must sync with your brand, meet regulations, attract customers, and be cost effective. Blow moulding allows a large selection of colours; however, that large number can prove overwhelming. Colour choices should be handled at the beginning of a project with your design team to streamline the project.
5. Save money by using basic moulds. You won’t need to customise a mould for every project you undertake. A collection of basic moulds created by established corporations that can be used for any number of projects exist and you should take advantage of them.

Where to buy Blow Molding Parts.

There are many places to buy blow moulding parts online and in real life. The trick is to find the most cost-effective source of plastic blow moulding products.

• HYX mold is a China plastic mold and blow moulding company that runs its own distribution facility. This streamlines the process of ordering and shipping and creates a very efficient ordering model.
DongGuan Sincere Tech affords customised product designs, engineering, mould making and massive production, and industrial know-how for mid- to large-part products.
Blow Molded Products provides the experience of doing custom blow moulding for many industries, like sporting goods, electronics, health and safety, furniture, etc.


Blow moulded products are great for a variety of occasions and situations. With the right material and right process, anyone can create something beautiful and useful from virtually nothing.

If you have blow molded parts that needs to produce, contact us now, we will offer you the best price.