China Plastic Injection Molding Company

Founded in 1999 as andy Corporation, now it’s Known as HYX MOLD, has grown from a small China plastic molding company to an industry leading, custom injection molder known for its service, creativity, technology, and commitment to excellence. In its early years, HYX MOLD developed solutions to problems for specialized markets in life safety products and textile machinery products.

Today, HYX MOLD is a mold manufacturer in China for many different technologically advanced markets, including the automotive, life safety, lighting and consumer product industries. HYX MOLD’s expertise in processing high-performance engineering resins and manufacturing high quality, precision parts has made us the unique China plastic injection molding company for many of our customers. HYX MOLD provides China solutions for many customers and is proud to be one of the top contract manufacturers.

Plastic injection molding

HYX MOLD’s employees have committed themselves to continuously improve both company and plant performance. They understand that everyone benefits from the efforts of the individual to create not merely parts, but solutions. HYX MOLD continues today, as in the past, to focus on creating products that make a positive contribution to the world we live in and the planet we live on. The company expects to maintain its dynamic growth by continuing to provide value and loyalty to our customers.

HYX MOLD is one of the most well-known China plastic injection molding manufacturers, and we are known for our high-quality and precision oriented plastic injection machines.

HYX MOLD has a long history of service to the plastic molds market and injection molding service of experience.  Our materials scientists work closely with our customers to develop highly specialized materials unique to the field.

HYX MOLD designs, develops, manufactures and assembles implants and instruments for the cardiac rhythm management (CRM), interventional, radiology / cardiology, cardiac surgery and peripheral vascular markets. These products are high precision, high reliability and are typically produced from plastic materials, electronic components and specialized metals, including nitinol, high strength cobalt chrome, and precious metals. We provide our customers with specialized services to help them develop a product from concept through to manufacturing and commercialization. Our services include prototyping, precision machining, material development, coiling and grinding, laser welding, injection molding, tube drawing and extrusion, device assembly and packaging and sterilization management.

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