Custom silicone molds

Silicone is a powerful choice for mold-making because it provides such a big range of advantages. You can simply make custom silicone molds. The molds themselves are pretty durable, so you can use them repeatedly without danger of breakage. Silicone inorganic make up – matched to rubber, its organic counterpart – makes it very resilient to cold and heat, chemical exposure, and even fungus. Some of the advantages of custom silicone molds contain the following:

custom silicone molds


Silicone withstands temperatures from -65 to 400 degrees Celsius. Further, it can have an elongation of seven-hundred percent depending on the formulation. Very stable under a big range of situations, you can put silicone molds in the oven, freeze them, and stretch them during removal.


Silicone flexibility makes it simple to work with. Silicone molds are lightweight and pliable matched to stiffer substances like plastic and they are also simple to remove once a part is completely formed. Thanks to silicone top level of flexibility, both the mold and the fabricated part are less likely to chip or break. You can use custom silicone molds to shape every item from complex engineering parts to holiday-themed ice cubes or confections.


In most cases, you will get lots of runs out of a silicone molds. Anyway, it is vital to note that the lifespan of molds can change greatly.  The more frequently you cast, and the more hard or detailed your designs, the quicker your mold might degrade. To increase the life of your silicone molds, clean them with mild soap and water, dry them fully, and save them flat without stacking.


While there are a lot of advantages to working with silicone, there are also a few restrictions to be aware of:

  • Silicone custom mold costs more than organic and latex rubbers. A fast comparison on Amazon presents a gallon of silicone regularly topping $100 –  almost twice as much as latex.
  • Though it is flexible, silicone can tear if stretched too far.
  • Not all silicone is made equally. Forever buy silicone and many producing materials from a best supplier.

End words

At the end of the day, there is no one right way to make items, whether they are figurines, food, or commercial components. Many predication methods frequently used combine to get the top outcomes, understanding all of their special pros and cons will help you make the top decisions for your project.

If you are looking for and custom silicone molds for your project like baking sinclione cake mold, ice silicone mold, food silicone containers, you are welcome to contact us.