How to source a plastic mold maker in China

plastic mold maker china

It is generally known that China is one of the places to get cheaper labor. Manufacturers of Low-cost plastic mold in China have been very well known with western-plastic injection molding companies over the past 20 years. Due to the low-cost manufacturing, OEM’s and the injection molders have utilized this opportunity to save about 70% of mold price when compared with the locally made molds.
There are various ways to source for a plastic mold maker in China. These are;
• Through the internet
• One-on-one
• Through local mold maker(s)
Let’s take a look at each one.

plastic mold maker

Through the Internet

In the present technological age, the fastest way to meet, connect, and pass information to people is through the internet. Just at the comfort of an individual’s home, reaching people across a different continent has never been easier than through the internet. All that’s needed to be done is searching (i.e., using search engines like Google, Bing, etc.). Search for mold manufacturers, and a lot of Chinese plastic mold makers sites will be seen. These sites that have the contact email allow you send the plastics part cad drawings for the company to get you with the quote. However, different companies or sites will present different quotes. Hence it is up to the individual to pick either the cheapest or the most trusted and preferred. The time it will take till it’s delivered will then be communicated to the individual, but one suggestion I would like to warm you, the cheapest price maybe not your best choice, find the suitable one with good price will help you to grow up your business, because no matter how low the price they offer you, they still need profits, price is too low then the quality and service may have some issue, or some hidden cost later on.


Another means to source for plastic mold maker from is to meet the mold manufacturers in China and have a face-to-face meeting with them. This approach can be quite cash and time expensive. It needs a lot of travelling to supervise and ensure quality remains as needed. Although it shows quite a level of seriousness. No individual wants to go continents to discuss business jokingly. One factor about the Chinese that every individual should look out for is becoming friends with them. A genuine friendship mixed with business will earn you a high chance of getting your desired mold specification done to maximum satisfaction.

China Plastic Injection Molding

Through Local Injection Mold Maker(s)

Businesses today tend to have a form of cooperation with businesses outside their country or continent. It is no different for the mold making companies. Many western plastic mold making companies have formed some cooperation with Chinese mold manufacturers. It is as a result of their cheaper labor, and them wanting to remain in business. The cooperation helps them get their plastic molds cheaper, which in turn enables them to sell to local injection molding customers at an affordable rate.

  • Risk and travel-free: The local plastic mold maker does all the travelling and bears a high percentage of the risk, – but actually all of that cost still will cost on your mold price.
  • Security: The individual has the security to know that the local mold-maker will have to repair the mold if anything goes wrong.
  • Friendship level: The individual only needs to keep his friendship level limited to the local injection mold maker. It’s up to the local mold maker to set-up a personal friendship with the Chinese molding company.
  • Disadvantages: if you buy plastic molds through your local plastic injection mold company, then the price will be surely high than buying molds from China plastic injection mold company directly, maybe double high cost or more when you choose this option you need to think about this in mind.

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