how to use 3 barrel curling iron

The 3 barrel curling iron is one of the tools that is a ‘must have’ for your hair.  This tool was designed for home use.  It was found that a lot of women were having problems styling their hair at home. This design was created for easy use.  It comes with great designs, features and looks.  The waver iron needs to be used correctly for you to produce those beautiful waves.  This will provide useful waiver iron tips as well as how the tool works.

One of the major features of the beach waves 3 barrel curling iron is the barrel component.  It is equipped with a ceramic barrel that ensures there is proper heat regulation. The tool comes with a heat resistant handle which prevents burns since the tool emits a lot of heat during use.  This makes sure that your hands are safe from the effects of the heat during the process.

The tool has two movable rods that ensure smooth waves and a lower fixed ceramic barrel.  It also comes with heat adjustment functions that allow you to control the amount of heat you want to use.

Where Can you Get a beach weaves 3 barrel curling iron?

One of the major makers of this tool is Olayer private label flat iron manufacturer.  The waver 3 barrel curling iron is available in many retail stores.

The 3 barrel curling iron is a hair curling tool that does not have tools to hold the hair during curls.  One has to curl the hair around the tool using their fingers.

Waver 3 barrel curling iron Tips

The waver 3 barrel curling iron wand is simple to use.  You need to make sure you use the right setting for your hair.  Long or shoulder length hair is the best for this tool.  The tool also comes in different models so it is advisable to go for the one suited for your hair.

Waver 3 barrel curling iron Tips Here are a few tips on how to use the waver iron tool for great results:

Make sure you use the right heat settings for your hair.  Too much heat may be damaging while too little may not produce the effect desired. Know the quality and type of your hair before using the tool Clamp the tool firmly when using for maximum heat application.

When using the waver iron tool, apply to small portions of hair at a time.  This ensures that the hair is evenly waved.  Big chunks of lock may hinder heat getting to some parts of the hair.

Work away from your scalp.  Not too close to the scalp to avoid burns.  Although it’s safe to use.  Direct contact with the scalp should be avoided.

Wash your hair thoroughly using a hair conditioning shampoo.  Dry you hair using a blow drier making sure it’s absolutely water free.

Apply heat spray to your hair to protect it from the effects of the heat from the waiver iron.

Apply hair spray and shake the hair loose for that bouncy natural effect.  You can run your fingers through to make sure it’s loose enough.

These few waiver 3 barrel curling iron tips will ensure that you step out in style.