Injection Molded Parts

HAO MOLD can compliment many phases of a project using our proven network of High Quality Custom Injection Molders and Mold Makers. Many of our Injection Molding partners also procure their tools from Lunell in order to accomplish their goals of High Quality and Competitive Pricing.

From Complex to Simple, HYX mold can help you Control Costs and Reduce Lead Time headaches with our unique method of leveraging your project’s needs with the proper manufacturing locations to get the work done right the first time!

We can make your job easier by helping coordinate your project using multiple material types, assemblies and packaging 

Repeatability & Reproducibility are assured due to Exacting Standards and Precise Manufacturing Methods

Excellent First-Off-Tool Samples and Documentation provided with each project

HYX MOLD serves many industries including:

  • Medical
  • Industrial
  • Consumer
  • Automotive
  • Connectors
  • Packaging
  • Electronics
  • Precision Gears
  • Emerging Applications and New Technologies