light weight high speed Hair Dryer

high speed hair dryer

Those with curly hair are the first to state the importance of a good hair dryer – one that doesn’t cause their hair to frizz or static, like most hair dryers can. We searched high and low for the best hair dryer suited for curly hair. While many models have similar features, there is one that seems to be a favorite among curly hair types – the Olayer light weight high speed hair dryer with ceramic plate and negative ion. Not only does it give shiny, brilliant results: it also tames those curls and gives a perfect look every time. We based our judgment on the following


There are 6 speed/heat settings, plus a cool shot button to prevent the scalp from burning or overheating. Using the combination of settings, you can create a look that ranges from slightly wavy to super-curly. No matter what setting you use, you can be assured that your hair will be frizz and static-free. In fact, it can reduce frizz and static by up to 90%. This light weight small size of professional high speed hair dryer comes with the ceramic plate and the ionic technology, this high speed hair dryer is one of the best hair dryer on the market today.

Compact Design

While the size of the hair dryer may not directly relate to curly hair, it does make a difference in the sense that, if too heavy, you won’t want to use it! The small size of light weight high speed hair dryer weighs just 480g, so your arms, wrists and shoulders won’t get sore from daily use or even use this for last 2-4 hours during the hair salon.


Ceramic Ionic simply means that your hair gets dried from the inside out; moisture beads are placed on the cuticle of the hair strand, leaving a brilliant shine and healthy, strong hair. With the option of drying your hair with or without this technology means you can achieve any look you want.


The long lasting AC motor gives off 1300 watts of power, cutting drying time in half. 80 mph of airspeed ensure that you get the power you need, without compromising style and perfection. You won’t find this kind of airspeed on other models.


When it comes to drying curly hair, it’s all about the accessories. Diffusers and concentrators make all the difference between a look that is frizzy, and a look that is salon-perfect every time. This small size of light weight high speed hair dryer comes with two concentrators plus one diffusers, so you can choose the type of curl you want.


There is a 2 year warranty honored if bought from authorized retailer, making it one of the best warranties available for any hair dryer. You’ll need to register the dryer once you purchase it. You can do so online, or by sending in the registration card that is included.

Size of hair dryer

When you travel or you are going for hair beauty salon, to have a hair dryer that is easy to pack and store in your luggage and only take a small place will be your best idea to choose this hair dryer, this folding design of light weight high speed hair dryer will one of your best choose ever, the folding handle will turn over 90 degree and reduce a half size of the hair dryer.


At the time of this review, this small size of lightweight high speed Hair Dryer from Olayer hair dryer wholesale company is available on several sites for a price of  around $199 plus shipping. This is one of the pricier models, compare to other high speed hair dryer model, this one is low price, but we believe the quality and performance are well worth it than other brands of hair dryer. It is also available offline, and prices will vary depending on store and location.

This small size of light-weight high speed Hair Dryer was chosen as the best hair dryer for curly hair because some of its competitors were lacking in certain areas. For example, if you are looking for the small size of light weight high speed hair dryer for home use, hair salon, of professional hair styler use, we do suggestion to own one.

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