Pet Mould China

HYX mold is an injection mold China company, Professional with Pet Moul and any custom mold making and molding service, mold maker in China has more than 25 years of experience in mold making, HYX has over 20 years of experience in making Pet Pre-Form Mould, we have been devoting ourselves to the research and production of bottle ,perform ,cap mould for many years. With strenuous improvement and innovations, It has become a famous enterprise in same line.

We regularly produce Pet Perform Moulds, blowing moulds and cap moulds for a variety of products from beverages, to medical devices, cosmetics, automotive parts, household items.

Pet Mould China Industries have been devoting all its resource to design, explore & manufacture Pet Moulds which has kept the company as a technological pioneer in the China Pet Mould Industry.

Reputed as one of the fastest growing companies in China, it is widely recognized not just for excellence in workmanship, materials and finish but also for technical aspects of its products.

Our highly skilled and qualified team of technician and engineers attain and maintain CNC machines and other equipment.

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