Plastic Electrical Enclosures

We offer customised Plastic Electrical Enclosures mouldings of the highest standard. Our plastic electronic housings are innovative in functionality and design, adding to the value of the product within. As one of Australia’s leading plastic manufacturers, we provide a wide range of mouldings; each specifically tailored to your business requirements.

Our industry standard machines enable our manufacturers to deliver functional and durable electronic casings of any style. Be it hand held phone casing, wall mounted enclosures or desk top casing, we have the expertise to deliver. With 20 years of combined injection plastic molding experience, you can rest assured your product will meet industry expectations.

Plastic Electrical Enclosures

Customised Electronic Plastic Housing We understand that electronic plastic housing for a product is an integral part of its design, which is why our suppliers and manufacturers provide customised solutions. The housing has a key role in product presentation and will improve the value and quality perception. We can create sustainable housing to protect and enhance your product.

Our qualified team have years of plastic injection experience and can create electronic housing for varying applications. We use plastic machines to devise comprehensive, tailored electronic solutions including:

  • Containers (injection plastic moulding)
  • Asset bracelet tags
  • Bracelet tags
  • Cases and housing
  • Hand held enclosures
  • Desktop enclosures
  • Bench top enclosures
  • Instrument enclosures

Our innovative electronic enclosures can be applied to various communications equipment and will be injection moulded to your specific requirements. Whether you require enclosures for remotes and compact devises or wall mount and rack mount enclosures for wall mountable products, we will design and manufacture the casing to your specifications.

Innovative Product Design and Plastic Injection We strive to stay at the forefront of plastic mold manufacturing and design technology, and as such, introduce the latest ergonomic electronic designs. Our company is innovative in product design and development and uses the latest machinery to keep up to date with industry requirements.

Our injection-moulding department has an advanced knowledge of injection moulding, process control, trouble-shooting and polymer selection and uses modern plastic machines to produce moulding and tooling of the highest standard.

In addition to enclosures, we have the expertise to deliver unique injection moulding solutions for any industry, product or application. Our comprehensive injection services include the entire concept and component design, 3D models and prototyping, tool design and mould making, through to testing and final production. We can work with you at any stage of your project.

For more information on our thorough injection plastic moulding process , specialised plastic machines or to see if HYX mold can cater to your business requirements call us or submit an enquiry form today.