Plastic injection mold design company

HYX MOLD is a professional plastic injection mold design company, offering customers plastic injection molding design and molding services.

Our usual plastic injection mold design progress:

The mission statement of acceptance
Molding of plastic component tasks normally made by the component designer, which reads as follows :
After certifying the formal system component drawings, and annotated using plastic brands, and transparency.
plastic component manuals or technical requirements.
Production output.
plastic Products samples.
Usually mold design task by the plastic component craft molding plastic component under the proposed mandate, mold designers for molding plastic component tasks, mold design task based on the design mold.
The collection, analysis, raw data digest
Collating the component design, moulding technology, moulding equipment, machinery processing and special processing information for the preparation of design Die use.
plastic Products plans to digest and understand component uses plastic component analysis of the technology, size precision technical requirements. For example, plastic component in the appearance of shapes, color transparency, the use of performance requirements is what plastic parts of the geometric structure, gradient, inlay pieces such as whether the situation is reasonable, melt lines, such as pipe molding defects permission, whether painting, plating, bonding, such as drilling after processing. Choice of the precision plastic component size of the maximum size for analysis to see whether the estimated molding below the tolerance of plastic component tolerances can meet the demand from molding plastic component to. In addition, we must understand the plastics and plastic molding process parameters.
Digestion of information technology task analysis made by the molding methods, equipment type, material specifications, structure type Die request is appropriate, can be implemented.
Molding Material plastic Products should meet the strength requirements, has good mobility, homogeneous and isotropic, thermal stability. According to the use of plastic component, molding materials should meet staining, is a gold-plated condition and decorative properties, the necessary flexibility and plastic, transparent or reflective properties contrary, adhesive or welding sexual demands.

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